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AWS Yacht Transport and Boat Shipping

Boat & Yacht Shipping

We understand the many variables when planning an ocean freight shipment. We understand the configuration of the sailing/motor yacht, boat or trailer boat, with the suitability of the carrier, transit time as well as the cost. Whether you chose a Container, Break Bulk and Ro/Ro service you can be confident that the choice will be the most appropriate and cost effective for your particular yacht or boat.

Water Deliveries

When your sailing/motor yachts are too large to transport to and from the ports by road we offer unloading and loading at the Terminal for water deliveries. A cradle can also be delivered or removed from the port.

Trailers and Cradles

If your boat is not equipped with a trailer, you will require a cradle. Cradles are a major component in the shipping package we offer. Our expert cradlers can build a steel cradle, or Quarantine approved wooden cradle to meet the exact specifications of your yacht/boat.

Boat Trailer Permit

If you are shipping a boat trailer you shall be required as the importer to apply to the Federal Department of Transport and Regional Services to obtain an Import Permit. These permits may take up to 21 days to obtain.

Heat Wrapping

Heat wraps keeps your boat clean and assists with Quarantine and Insurance issues. It is also a theft deterrent. The cost is minimal compared to additional Quarantine charges that your yacht/boat may be subject to.

Domestic Transportation

Transportation of yachts/boats from the East Coast to the West coast of Australia or vice versa can be done by road. Ocean transportation is also offered due to frequent ocean services. However from Brisbane to Hobart trucking is your only option as currently there are no ocean services available.

We will require the exact length, width/beam, height and weight to provide a quotation. Please do not guess. The accuracy of the width and height is especially important as they are critical to determining whether or not a yacht/boat can be trucked.

Marine Transit Insurance

The rate is determined by the age, value and destination of the boat. The maximum insurable value is the cost of the boat, plus the cost of the freight as well as an additional 10%. Heat wrap is required to obtain all risk cargo insurance. Older boats may be insured against total loss only at a reduced premium. On receipt of an insured boat at a destination, careful inspection should be undertaken. If there is any damage, you must report it immediately to the carrier and arrange a survey with a local agent for the insurance company. A claim must be filed in writing against the agents of the vessel owners or other carriers, and if possible, before removing the boat from their custody. Failure to do this may nullify your right to claim

Customs and Quarantine Formalities

We have the knowledge and experience of Australian Customs and Quarantine requirements for import/exporting yachts/boats. We can assist you will all facets of the documentation process to ensure your yacht/boat is Customs and Quarantine cleared prior to arrival. We advise you on the process prior to your yacht/boat being imported or exported to minimize costs and issues that can arise with these departments.

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