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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Freight Forwarder Charge?

The ocean or air freight forwarder price mainly depends on different factors, including the shipment origin, the physical size or dimension of export & the destination. Sub-fees like security charges, fuel charges or cargo screening fees are also included.

What Is A Freight Forwarder Responsible For?

AWS Customs & Forwarding Pvt Ltd is responsible for the movement of cargo on behalf of the good’s owner. This responsibility generally starts from the time of loading until delivered at the specified location securely.

How Much Does A Customs Broker Cost Australia?

The general rate of Australian customs duty is 5%. You have to take 5% of the good’s value to calculate customs duty

Do I Need A Customs Broker In Australia?

Yes! If you need to import goods in Australia, hiring licensed and experienced Customs brokers is necessary. They will help you to calculate overall import costs, manage legal obligations, lodge declarations and clear goods via customs.

What Is A Customs Broker In Australia?

Customs brokers are insured and licensed personnel who can handle all documentation during import and export. They mainly work as the intermediaries between the government and their clients.

How Do I Find A Customs Broker?

To hire an experienced and specialised customs broker, you need to find a reputable freight forwarding company in Sydney that offers customs clearance services.

How Much Does It Cost To Clear Customs?

The rate of customs duty is 5% in Australia. You need to take 5% of the value to estimate customs duty.

What Are Customs Clearances?

Customs clearance is an essential process before goods can be exported or imported or globally. The process is managed by experienced customs brokers.

What Does A Customs Clearance Agent Do?

A custom clearing agent plays a crucial role in the clearance of cargo. They can manage documentation and customs duty payments properly.

How Do I Do The Customs Clearance?

To get customs clearance services, you need to contact a reputable and trusted freight forwarding company in Sydney. Professional customs brokers will take the hassles.